Scott Klinger
EVP, Marketing and eCommerce

Having worked with many agencies and creative executives over the past ten years, I rank Karen Kreamer in the upper 1% who can quickly distill business strategy into brand strategy, brand positioning and brand identity, creating positive brand equity. This ability stems from her passion to keep the CUSTOMER experience front and center. Brands leap closer to the holy grail of Brand Loyalty under her guidance.

Brent Earles
Former Director of Business Marketing at Sprint

Lots of people like to hold claim to being “brand experts,” but few people have walked the walk as has Karen Kreamer. Managing the evolution of an international Fortune 100 brand, such as Sprint, was a massive undertaking that rippled to virtually every corner of the company. Karen directed a very sophisticated brand mission that had dozens of moving parts, that touched every conceivable marketing and communications aspect of the business, and she did it with grace and aplomb. With incredible attention to detail, insightful strategic leadership, and genuine expertise, Karen managed one of the world’s well-known brands.

Brenda Bachofer
Former Director of Creative Services

Karen Kreamer at K2 Brand was a tremendous change leader for our organization. She provided strategic insight to our new brand positioning and helped us successfully translate and communicate it across multiple levels in our organization, from the front line tax professionals to the senior executive team. Quite simply, our brand initiative would not have been as successful without Karen’s strategic expertise and leadership.

Gail Shepard
Director of Marketing

ZuPreem connected with Karen to help us simplify and further develop our brand architecture, specifically for our consumer packaging division. Karen’s leadership, expertise and strategic abilities helped define a brand strategy that has given us the architecture we needed to move our products to the next level. Her recommendations have paid off and have shown a positive impact on our sales efforts at the shelf.

Stacie Hiras
VP Marketing and Communications

Synchronoss partnered with K2 Brand when it needed to realign our core brand and message. Karen was the utmost professional in working with the Executive team to ensure all areas of the business were met, from designing our brand architecture, to moving towards a core brand strategy and finally to visual design and activation, Karen worked as part of the Marketing team and helped to drive us to our goal. Karen’s experience and industry knowledge were critical to the success of our brand positioning and I consider her a valuable resource for any company looking to improve their Brand.

Kevin Schader
Vice President & Executive Director

We rely on K2 Brand for all of our client branding projects that span many industries, cutting edge technologies and global markets. Karen uses her branding expertise, and adds a dose of common sense, to help the associations we manage make the best decisions and create a lasting and powerful brand.

Dan Nicholson
Founder and President

We had the privilege of working closely with Karen on building a new brand and brand name. Karen skillfully guided us through a mini planning process to sharpen our focus and goals. She helped build the foundation of the brand from which we are slowly and deliberately building. She gave us choices and options and showed a lot of skill and creativity in the process. Bottom line, she knows her stuff.

Susan Johnson
Vice President of Advertising, Brand Strategy & Sponsorships

We have been pleased to partner with Karen Kreamer on a wide range of brand assignments for American Century Investments. K2 Brand has worked with us on brand work ranging from positioning activation to client experience. At every level of interaction, K2 Brand was fully engaged as a regular part of our brand team, embracing our goals as if they were their own. Karen’s knowledge of developing and managing strong brands means that she knows how to guide her clients into actionable strategies that help both the brand and the business.

Jonathan Hubert
Board of Directors

When the SD Association embarked upon a very challenging project that would have profound implications to the branding strategy of our new high performance SD cards, we needed an experienced consulting company to help guide and direct us through the process. K2 Brand Consulting not only had the industry knowledge and superior research methodology that made this process easy but also provided a wide range of brand creative concepts and participant lists that proved essential to the successful completion of this critical project. I’m very satisfied and extremely pleased with the outcome of this effort and would highly recommend K2 Brand for future strategy and brand related projects.

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