Brand Messaging

The brand strategy enables companies to articulate how they are different and the promise they make to their customers. The activation of the brand strategy is achieved through clear and consistent messaging to all key audiences. Brand messaging is the foundation of all company communications, sales and marketing efforts, and customer experiences. Whenever the customer encounters the brand, that customer must experience a brand that consistently delivers what it promises. Click the copy next to any red checkmark to learn more…

  • Brand expression and taglines

    A tagline is a short phrase that represents a focused and memorable expression of the brand for all audiences. The most effective taglines are clear, unique, believable and inspiring. When used consistently across all touchpoints, it serves as a unifying element for all branded communications.

  • Brand vision and promise

    A brand strategy framework is a set of simple, unique and insightful ideas which unite all brand actions and expressions. At the core of the brand strategy framework is the brand vision, a short statement of the brand’s purpose and unique market position. The brand promise is the concise, singular expression of the brand’s commitment to customers.

  • Brand attributes and proof points

    Brand attributes and proof points provide texture and meaning around the company’s strategic advantage. Brand attributes describe the distinctive features of the brand, while proof points add credibility and ownership. These ideas should flow through messaging and design to build and strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and customer.

  • Brand personality, tone and voice

    Brand personality is the attitude of the brand described in human terms – friendly, responsible,innovative, smart, etc. These traits define how a brand speaks and how a brand relates to customers. Brand personality is expressed through the tone and voice of a company’s communications. These are the words and style that engage, motivate and connect with customers.

  • Brand story development

    Telling the story behind the brand goes beyond the core messages and key insights about the brand. The brand story is an opportunity to build a narrative around the history or meaning of the brand. Brand stories are an opportunity to connect with both employees and customers in an authentic and genuine way.

  • Website analysis and design

    A company’s website may be the first and most powerful experience a customer has with the brand. As such, the structure, content and visual design of the website must engage and inspire visitors, providing a positive environment to learn more about the company and the brand.

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