Brand Culture

Brands are a source of employee unity, pride and purpose. It is easier to attract, retain and motivate good employees when a strong brand contributes to the quality of the workplace and positive reputation of the company. Employees who understand and live the brand will deliver a positive brand experience to customers. Brands make a real and measurable difference when the brand is seen as vital to business success, supported throughout the organization and practiced every day. Click the copy next to any red checkmark to learn more…

  • Brand stewardship

    Every company needs a dedicated brand group, or chief brand advocate, responsible for actively managing and protecting the brand. Brand stewardship responsibilities include driving adoption of the brand strategy, ensuring creative alignment with brand guidelines and leading the company commitment to delivering a positive brand experience at every opportunity.

  • Organizational strategy

    For larger organizations, a fully-staffed brand group provides brand leadership and gives the company the strongest opportunity for brand success. Organizational strategy can help develop new brand functions and support existing teams through process improvement, resource evaluation, team-building exercises and best practices. To be successful, a brand group must lead, influence and educate the entire organization on the importance of a committed and energized brand culture.

  • Leadership engagement

    A strong brand culture requires authentic engagement and action by the CEO and senior leadership. The CEO should not only be the chief executive officer, they should be the CBC – the Chief Brand Champion. Executive level strategic brand planning, work sessions and coaching can help company leaders build context around the brand strategy and actively promote the role of the brand as a strategic driver of growth.

  • Employee brand programs

    The goal of an internal brand programis to energize the workforce around one common understanding of the brand. Building the brand from inside the business, with consistent and relevant content, is the only way to build an authentic brand culture. Long-term success is achieved when all employees consider the brand in every decision, action and communication.

    • All employees understand the brand vision and promise
    • All employees find ways to deliver on the brand promise
    • All employees are empowered to make the right decisions for the brand
    • All employees deliver a positive brand experience at every opportunity

  • Brand training, workshops and events

    There are unlimited tools, strategies and methods to engage employees and deliver the greatest strategic impact to the business and the brand.

    • Brand launch events
    • Employee information sessions
    • Online brand resources
    • Printed materials and promotions
    • Employee incentive programs
    • New employee orientation
    • Workshops for agencies and external partners

  • Event and conference speaking

    Karen Kreamer is a frequent guest speaker and has delivered speeches and presentations on brand strategy and brand design for the following events and groups – IIR Branding in TelecomConference (London), The Conference Board, The Council for Identity Management, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and The American Strategic Marketing Institute.

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